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  • Lead Generation

    Tired of chasing customers that waste your time? In our class you will go from "more customers" to "more profitable customers"

  • Lead Conversion

    Are you closing as many deals as you should be? Find out why you are missing out on business and solve the problem.

  • Personal Productivity

    Are you doing the highest and best use activities each day? Learn how to reprogram your daily schedule to get more results.

  • Follow Up Systems

    You will learn how to avoid missing out on 80% of the business. Follow up systems can increase your completed deals 4x or more.

  • Referral Systems

    Are you getting multiple referrals each month? We will show you how to increase referrals and have people chasing you.

  • Becoming an Author

    Do you have an expertise you can share with your audience? Learn the framework to complete your first book and get the credibility you deserve

Course curriculum

6 Week Online Class - Personal Productivity, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Follow Up Systems, Referral Systems, Becoming an Author

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